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Welcome to June’s addition of What Your Therapists Are Reading.  We have got a great list for you this month.  Novels that address mental health and some self-help.  These all seem like great reads to pick up for some summer reading at the beach.  We would love to know some of your thoughts, so feel free to leave it in the comments.


Spirit Junkie: A Road to Self-Love and Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein

A big city part girl who struggled with eating disorders, self loathing and substance abuse shares her journey to becoming a spiritual being.  She takes A Course on Miracles and translate it to be relatable for millennials who are looking to find self-love.  You can connect with Erin Corey, MA, MHC-LP at www.yourpathtowellnesscounseling.com


the room

The Room: A Novel by Jonas Karlsson

A Kafka-esque story about a man who can go into a room at work that no one else can see. A view through the lens of a paranoid, delusional and obsessive-compulsive man. You can connect with Natasha Daniels, LCSW at www.anxioustoddlers.com or at  www.hillchildcounseling.com.  You can also connect with Natasha on Facebook.

play big

Playing Big: Find Your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message by Tara Mohr

Playing Big is written for working women everywhere who, for a variety of reasons Mohr discusses, are not living their career potential, ability, success and dreams. She offers coach-based methods to overcome inner and outer obstacles. Kimberly Wulfert, PhD, Lic. is a Psychologist helping adults suffering anxiety disorders and depression using mindfulness-based psychotherapy and meditation for health, and coaching for women who feel stuck and “smaller” than they know can be. You can connect with Kimberly at KimberlyWulfert.com

Let me be frank

Let Me Be Frank with You by Richard Ford

I’m jealous if you haven’t yet met Frank Bascombe, Ford’s hero (anti-hero?) of three previous novels. What an amazing, ongoing portrait of a New Jersey sportswriter turned novelist turned real estate agent who is incredibly self-reflective. This installment is four novellas that have Frank confronting the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the death of a friend. Always keeping them (but not us) at a safe emotional distance. You can connect with Justin Lioi, LCSW at www.ParkSlopeTherapist.com


the hours

The Hours: A Novel by Michael Cunningham

As therapists, we can learn about the human situation and the work we do through novels in a way we can’t from professional books. This novel addresses suicide, sanity, and the beautiful messiness of life. “There is beauty in the world, though it’s harsher than we expect it to be.” You can connect with Kevin Barrett, LCSW at kevinbarrettlcsw.com


book club

The End of Your Life Book Club by Will Schwable

In this memoir, Will Schwable shares his experiences connecting with his mother through their love of books. After his mother is diagnosed with cancer, they form an informal book club and discuss books as they wait for medical appointments. This is a great book to get us thinking about the ways in which we connect with others. Book lovers will also enjoy building a reading list off of the books that Will and his mother discuss.You can connect with  Sarah Leitschuh, MA, LMFT  (Sarah Leitschuh Counseling, PLLC in Eagan, Minnesota) at www.sarahleitschuhcounseling.com

happiest mom


The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood by Meagan Francis

All moments of motherhood are not enjoyable, but in The Happiest Mom, Megan Francis and Parenting magazine offer suggestions to make it a bit more joyful.  This is a quick easy read for any mom who wants to begin thinking about how to enjoy motherhood more on a daily basis.  The book has some practical suggestions for women.  You can connect with Jessica Fowler, LCSW at www.jlfcounselingservices.com


 I see many individuals and couples who are seeking counseling to heal and move forward from an affair, so this book has been a valuable resource to me as a clinician and to my clients.  Dr. Judah does an excellent job describing the phases in a relationship that build up to an affair and the phases of repairing afterward.  This books helps address the concerns of post-affair couples who are wondering, “Are we in the right place?” or “Are we doing everything we should be doing?”  You can connect with Carolyn C. Ferreira, PsyD at www.cascadepsychbend.com or on twitter.
Thanks for taking the time to read What Your Therapists Are Reading for June 2015.  We do this every month and hope that you have found it helpful.  Don’t want to lose the list, remember you can “Pin” it on Pinterest.  If this is your first time stopping by, don’t worry, you can read January, February, March, April and May.

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Happy Reading,

Jessica Fowler, LCSW

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