What Your Therapists are Reading June 2018

Welcome to June’s edition of What Your Therapists are Reading.  There is a variety this month ranging from parenting, education, depression and tools to use in therapy sessions.  Make sure to add at least one of these to your summer reading list!
Very helpful with open and close ended questions that do not impose or demand answers from clients. Multicultural and diverse cases. Helpful for practioners and students. You can connect with Karen A. Nash, Ph.D. Karen Nash fb page.
A list with anecdotes that relate to each rule that hit home so completely you’ll sit up and take notes! You can connect with Alice Riley, LCSW at  Www.aliceriley.net
The Collapse of Parenting: How we hurt our kids when we treat them like grown ups. By Leonard Sax. This books offers some great starting points for helping kids who struggle with attention or behavioral issues. Focus is on changing the environment and supporting child strengths instead of meds. Refreshing views from an MD! You can connect with Dr. Michele Foster, PhD., C.Psych. at www.tpwg.ca
This fascinating memoir tells the story the author’s experience growing up in an isolated fundamentalist family where half the children were not educated, and mental heath issues and abuse went unchecked. It highlights the incredible power of being believed by those you love when abuse happens, and the damage done when you are not. The author’s determination and resiliency, lead ultimately to her earning a PhD from Cambridge and learning to believe in and love herself. You can connect with Allison Rimland, LPC 5. at www.thrivefamilyservices.com
 Rethinking Depression: How to shed mental health labels and create personal meaning by Eric Maisel This is a great book that cuts past the language and mentality of “diagnoses” and “labels” and helps the reader think outside the system as we know it. It’s also great for therapists because it helps us consider our clients’ goals in a strength and meaning-based framework rather than just treating symptoms and deficits. You can connect with Martin Hsia, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist. at www.CBTSoCal.com
Hopefully you found something interesting to read and add to your summer reading list from this months edition of What Your Therapists are Reading.  As always you can catch up on the previous editions from the past months through the links 2015, 2016, February 2018, March 2018, April 2018, and May 2018.
Happy Reading,
Jessica Fowler, LCSW
*Please note that this blog post is for informational and educational purposes only.  It is not an indorsement of the books or the therapists contributing the book. If you need assistant, please contact a local mental health professional.

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