What Your Therapist Are Reading




Ever wonder what your therapist reads?  Well you are about to find out.  I have gathered therapists from all over the world to share what they are reading this month with you.  There are a lot of great books out there and we are here to share them with you.

What Your Therapist is Reading

February 2015

Sacred InfluenceSacred Influence by Gary Thomas

 Shana Verdine, LCSW

I am re-reading Sacred Influence by Gary Thomas.  This book helped me to change the wife that I am to my husband.  Our marriage was strengthened based on applications from this book.  Gary Thomas helps the reader to understand how the male mind works and ways women can encourage and influence their spouse.  I have used pieces of this book in my practice and appreciate the practical applications presented in the book.

Shana Verdine, LCSW specializes in addiction, co-dependency, couples and Christian Counseling.  You can connect with Shana Verdine, LCSW here.
Mindful Compassion
Rebecca Wong, LCSW
I’m reading “Mindful Compassion” by Paul Gilbert and Choden and geeking out on the blending together evolutionary and Buddhist psychology, think of it as the neuroscience behind mindfulness! Through human evolution our brains have become extraordinarily complex, but aren’t so well put together. Gilbert and Choden teach that compassion begins with noticing our brain’s wonderfully complex, tricky and troublesome conflicting motivations. Through our understanding of how our minds have evolved we gain insight into the powerfully irrational forces that both guide our lives and cause us suffering. And how we can avoid getting lost in the chaos of our drives. It’s about mindfully noticing our motivations and choosing which to explore and which to be cautious of.
You can connect with Rebecca Wong, LCSW at www.rebeccawonglcsw.com
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  1. So many good ones…love all things related to mindfulness and Brene Brown and thanks for posting as I needed a good recommendation for Codependency other than Alanon books and Boundaries! Thanks you.

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