What Your Therapists are Reading November 2016

 I feel like November is flying by.  Before the holiday’s come, please check out some of this months reading list of What Your Therapists are Reading.  Maybe there is a gift you could be buying a loved one?  This month is a range of various books from parenting, staying present, and understanding why men and women are so different! Plus so much more.
The author uses her experience as an undergraduate advisor and a parent to illustrate the ways we think we are helping our kids but really aren’t. She provides practical strategies to avoid being a helicopter parent and help our kids become competent and develop resilience. This book is for any parent who has kids from toddlers to college age.  You can connect with Julie Safranski, LCSW at
A wonderful resource for helping us to access compassion when are instincts are to shut down or attack. You can connect with Monique A. Dauphin, LMHC at
This books presents a thorough, understandable and user-friendly explanation and conceptualization of what it means to have presence. Living authentically and present are concepts that I routinely explore in my practice, and this book has become a useful reference and resource personally and professionally. You can connect with Tiffanie Trudeau, LMHC, LPC, CSAT at
 This book can be incredibly useful in helping people find inner strength and understanding of the inner workings of the human mind during difficult circumstances. Especially helpful for those feeling hopeless and helpless. You can connect with Jackie Flynn EdS | LMHC | RPT at
 Tuppy Owen has been an advocate for the equal rights of people with disabilities to have sexual relationships. She knows her stuff and writes about it in a fun, accessible and jargon free way. This book gives practical advice and tips for support workers and practitioners working with people with disabilities. You can connect with Dr Natasha Alexander, Clinical Psychologist, BA (Hons), PGDip, DClinPsy, MAPS at
A way for couples to reconnect and work out problems. The book is based on one of the most evidenced based couples therapy out there, Emotionally Focused Therapy. You can connect with Cindy Badamo, MSW, LCSW
I love this fable that is deceptively simple, yet has some profound intuitive learnings, that deftly explain how and why women and men are so different. Armstrong cleverly outlines how women can get much more from their intimate relationships if they are prepared to challenge themselves, take responsibility and change some of the ways they ask for what they need. A great read for anyone who wants greater intimacy in their relationship. You can connect with Marg Ryan, Relationship Counsellor and Individual Psychotherapist at
I hope there was something in this list for you this month of What Your Therapists are Reading.  I love doing this post each month and learning about what other therapists are reading.  I have found some great reads myself from this list and hope you have as well. As always, you can find past posts: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and 2015.
Happy Reading,
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What Your Therapists are Reading November 2016

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